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Desert Fire Opal


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 Desert Fire Opal
 Is run and maintained by  a local Coober Pedy miner. Coober Pedy is in South Australia  between Mintabie, Andamooka, Lambina. Buying   direct from the Coober Pedy opal field gives YOU the best value. We have been living in Coober Pedy since 1975 and have many years experience in  mining and opal cutting . Coober Pedy supplies over 80% of the worlds opal. In 1990 I completed my opal  cutting certificate at the Coober Pedy college campus. We believe that  selling rough opal and cut opal over the internet enables us to pass on our product at the most affordable price possible.  Hope you enjoy browsing through our range .

Coober Pedy breakaways
Green crystal opal l mined at Coober pedy


Darren Underwood in a peep hole gouging out a pocket of crystal opal

Spectacular desert scenery in the Coober Pedy area known by the locals as the Breakaways

Green crystal which was mined at Painters Field, Coober Pedy

Every miner dreams of gouging out seams of crystal

Coober Pedy rough opal

Cut stones from Coober Pedy ready to set

Opal Jewelery from Coober Pedy Australia

Pictures of our minning machinery used in Coober Pedy opal fields

Rough opal  ready to be shipped and cut Coober Pedy cut stones Opal set in Jewellery ready to be shipped

Underground mining in Coober Pedy see our history and pictures taken around the opal fields







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 Coober Pedy  books
are now available through desertfireopal.com click to see more detail


New Feature

 Please send a picture of your cut opal or set master piece for us to

 put in our gallery for other visitors to see.

postage is included in all parcels of opal

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We will exchange any parcel returned untouched to the same or greater value..

Postage is included in all prices also insurance if parcels total over the value of $300

If you are dissatisfied with the product you may return your rough opal or cut opal  unchanged within 7 days of receiving. Goods will be exchanged with material of the same or greater value upon return.



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  • Postage is included in the price. If posted via Australia Post. Actual cost will be charged for other postage services.

  • Desert Fire Opal will not be responsible to pay any taxes or duties

  • International customers please use Pay Pal for payment.

  • Australian customers may use bank transfer.

  • T T-Remittance  may be used with prior arrangement via E mail ,$5 fee will have to be added for extra bank charges.

  • Insurance is included in the price if opal parcel price is above $300.00 ( if available to your country). If parcel is below this value insurance may be available for a cost of $20 please contact me if you require insurance.

  • Please feel free to E mail  for any enquiries or further detail. Email address at bottom of page.

  • Parcel will be sent within 48 hours of funds clearing , unless other arrangements are made e.g. multiple parcels sent together.

  • All cut opal  stones are shipped in a protective  post pack.

  • If you are dissatisfied with the product you may return your rough opal or cut opal  unchanged within 7 days of receiving, goods will be exchanged with material of the same  value upon return.

  • Postage to America and Europe takes10 to 15 days.

  • Desert Fire Opal will not ship to Nigeria and are sorry to inconvenience any customers.

Digging opal is our life

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10% GST must be added to the marked prices for all Australian customers
TAX invoice will be sent with your parcel.

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E Mail  brian@desertfireopal.com   for any enquiries.

            Phone / Fax 61 8  86 725 210   (outside Australia )
            Phone/ Fax 08 86 725 210        (within Australia)

Snail mail me :         Brian Underwood
                        Po Box 299
                           Coober Pedy
                              South Australia


Desert fire opal is located in Coober Pedy Outback  South Australia
Coober Pedy rough and cut opal is what we specialise  in.